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Doosan&Chambiz Forum 2018



DOOSAN/CHAMBIZ Forum 2018 offers an exclusive view into the latest investment themes and topics pushing current technology and innovation trends through the lens of corporate venturing opportunities.

Please join us for an evening of networking where Silicon Valley’s heavyweight thinkers, startups, and investors come together to read the pulse of the corporate investment market while discussing strategic engagement opportunities with Doosan Corporation, one of South Korea’s largest multi-national global conglomerates for over 120 years.

  • 5G - Understanding key 5G Innovation and Trends

    • The requirements from the Manufacturing sector, and more generally, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been one of the driving verticals for the design and development of new 5G concepts and technologies. What will be the key innovations towards the evolution of 5G infrastructures? We will provide the chance to discuss with industry experts the opportunities and challenges of 5G in this domain.

  • Ecosystems of Silicon Valley Investment 

    • Despite predictions that the technology industry would outgrow its origins and be forced to expand elsewhere, it will be earthbound and rooted in Northern California as long as people like to gather around shared interests and seek new opportunities. Silicon Valley will also be caught between place and idea, between the analog and the digital, the physical and the virtual. Experts discuss the future outlook in Silicon Valley's unique investment ecosystem and target potential areas for further growth and opportunity.

  • Comparing CVC & VC fuding models 

    • CVCs and VCs intrinsically have different motivations in making their investment decisions, so how the different funding models still bring value to the other through co-operative partnerships in deal sharing, co-investment, business development, and post investment involvement? Representatives from both the CVC and VC side share their honest opinion on what works, what doesn’t, and ways to possibly forge greater opportunities in partnership to bring successful outcomes for all.​


Opening Remark

  • ​​Hyun-Soo Dong, Vice Chairman of Doosan Group


Panel Discussion

The understanding key critical 5G Innovation and trends, ecosystems of Silicon Valley investment, and CVC & Traditional VCs role. 

  • Moderator

        - Kevin K Rooney, Corporate Head & Corporate Hiring Partner of Cooley

  • Speaker

        - Praveen Gupta, Founder of Mobilestack Inc 

        - Ashwin Sampath, VP of MixComm Inc

        - Sale Kwon, Cooley 

        - Toby Zhang, Partner of CRCM

        - Michael Janse - Investment Director at Samsung Ventures  


Startup Pitch 

- 5G

- Autonomous Vehicles 

- Drone 



Networking Session


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